Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Super Heroes By Daniel

My Super Hero

By: Daniel

My Super Hero is my parent. My father’s name is Seung Ki Kong and my mother’s name is Yu Jin Han. There is one important fact - they love me.

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They are my Superheroes because they take the effort to make me become a kind person. They are working hard because they need to buy a snack to give me to eat after school when I arrive at home and also for a dinner. She makes lots of delicious, healthy food not for only me for my big brother as well. Even though they are super heroes, they still need to eat. They also need to pay a lot of money for me to attend school so I can study at SWA.

Now I can feel sure why they are my Super Heroes. They are working hard, so I need to study hard also. Now I will try to study hard because of my 2 super heroes. Thank you my Super Heroes.

The End

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Questions about Baduy

1. Why baduy people live with out technology?
2. Do they have traditional food? what are they?
3. What are the Baduy people religion?

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