Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grammar Bites - There is - There are - There isn't - There aren't

1. There are golf courses in Jakarta.

2. There are lots of shopping centres in Jakarta.

3. There are international schools in Jakarta.

4. There is ice rink in Jakarta.

5. There are lots of virtual reality game centres in Jakarta.

6. There are lots of movie theatres in Jakarta.

7. There are lots of hospitals in Jakarta.

8. There are some car wash centres in Jakarta.

9. There are lots of photocopy centres in Jakarta.

10.There aren't chair lifts in Jakarta.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Your mineral

From USA
From Australia
Topaz mine from Philippine

Topaz mine from USA

Uncountable and Countable nouns

1. There are lots of diamonds in South Africa.(Countable)
2. There are lots of pearls in America.(Countable)
3. There are a lot of emeralds in Pakistan.(Countable)
4. There are a lot of sapphires in Sri Lanka.(Countable)
5. There are lot of rubies in Kenya.(Countable)
6. There is a lot of gold found in America.(Uncountable)
7. There is a lot of copper in Chile(Uncountable)
8. We can find a lot of agate from Sukabumi.(Uncountable)
9. We can find lot of shale from New York. (Uncountable)
10.We can find lot of quartz from Ireland(Uncountable)

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